Volume 1 - The Fundamentals

Use The power of your mind.

  The Science of Mindleading

  Volume 1
  The Fundamentals

   by Felix Brocker

  ISBN-13: 978-1479145454

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"The Nautilus is growing at a constant rate and thus forms its shell a logarithmic spiral to accommodate this growth, without changing the shape. A lifeline connects its chambers, so that the previous chambers are left behind, but will never be forgotten. The Nautilus constantly creates new wider chambers in perfect proportion. Despite the profound changes around it, the Nautilus continues to thrive.

It reminds us that advancement is a part of the creation of the universe. The Nautilus is a symbol of a rigorous scientific research and the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences."


The Fundamentals of the Science of Mindleading go into the question, whether a person is able to lead his own mind effectively, and if so, how? To clarify this issue, not only historical, philosophical, religious, medical and scientific knowledges are analyzed, but also in particular the latest advancements in brain research.

The result of this evaluation is a scientific examination of the power of the mind. If people speak about the power of mind today, most of them think of Rhonda Byrne`s bestseller "The Secret", in which the author interviews a colorful array of "scholars" who report to her by the so-called law of attraction.

We can accept this century old law of attraction simply as given, but we can also ask again, what lessons we deliver by the recognized sciences? In particular, brain research has made a tremendous progress in the recent years. Enormous sums are invested in the brain research, where even the NASA and the Us military are holding huge research projects. Also high-performance athletes benefit in mental trainings of the latest findings in brain research. And now you will begin to benefit from this valuable knowledges, by studying the Science of Mindleading!

Reading Test:

“The perception of reality is based on the charms of our environment, we perceive with all our senses. We already know that the brain is defined as the in the head located part of our central nervous system. All our senses are directly connected with our brain by countless nerves. Only in the brain, all incoming stimuli are converted in a few milliseconds. This leads according to our perception to our very own picture of reality. Thus could be argued, quite possible, that the only place where you have ever been to, is the one in your head.

Allen Snyder, a renowned brain researcher at the Australian Center of the Mind in Sydney concludes from this fact, that man can overwrite the reality with his own thoughts. This ability to overwrite and thus falsify the reality is, according to Snyder, incredibly powerful. The image of reality that surrounds us is only in our brains. That this picture of reality, that is produced in our brains, does not necessarily correspond with reality, can be impressively demonstrated by optical illusions and magic tricks, including the following:

On the picture below you can see that the upper part A is clearly smaller than the lower part B.

Jastrow Illusion

But at this optical illusion discovered by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow, the two parts A and B are exactly the same. They are identical.”

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